Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekend Recap: I Madonnari Street Painting Festival

We were lucky enough that Patrick got this weekend off work so we could travel to the Bay Area and attend a few different celebrations.  Saturday in the afternoon I went with my Mom to Nicole and Stevie's Housewarming Party!  They now own a darling home, I'm so happy for them!  From there I went with Patrick and his parents to San Francisco for his life-long friend Cleo's graduation party.  It was a great time in the Sunset district with awesome people and awesome food!

I am so glad I also spent a lot of time with my Mom this weekend.  We went to get coffee, pedicures, went on walks with Mac, and to brunch Sunday with my grandma and her boyfriend. 

It really was the perfect weekend with many of my friends and family members.  I wish every weekend could be like that!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Santa Cruz Mountains: Girls' Weekend 2013

I think I'm finally adapted back to society after spending the weekend in the mountains! 

My family is lucky enough to have a cabin which was built by my great-Grandpa in the early '50s.  It is such a special place.  Nicole has been coming with me ever since I've known her, but silly enough, I realized that Caitlin and Kristi had never been there!  So for a much needed girls' weekend, we retreated to Mount Herman, amongst the Redwoods, off the grid (mostly).

Friday, May 17, 2013

Cheers to the Weekend!

We're headed to banana slug country!

I'm off to Santa Cruz for a much anticipated girl's weekend with my lovies, Caitlin, Kristi, and Nicole!

Nothing's better than friends you can count on for the long haul.  I literally grew up with these ladies, so it's guaranteed to be a weekend of laughs, little makeup, and maybe a few too many cocktails :-0

We're staying at my family's cabin in the Santa Cruz mountains (Felton address, Mt. Herman area) so it will be a weekend off the grid.  No internet, no cable, and little cell reception. We're making sure to take plenty of pictures though, so I will be posting next week with a recap.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

D.I.Y.: Metal Photo Coasters

Get ready for the easiest D.I.Y. of your life!

All you need are:
1.  4" x 4" aluminum prints (I chose Instagram filtered pictures printed with PostalPix)
2.  Self-Stick Felt Pads

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Ode to Old Shoes" : Why are Shoes So Important to Us?

"Changing of the Guard"
"Ode to Old Shoes"
By - Tyler Watson

Six years have stained you
Six years have ripped you open
Put holes in your soles
Exposed your stitching
Made you naked
Six years have found you ridiculed
Or praised
Depending on the person
And six years you've walked through two graduations
You've got paint and spit and sweat and rain and me in you
You look old

Monday, May 13, 2013

Beach Adventures: Sperling Preserve & Ellwood Beach

One of the things Pat and I enjoy doing most in Santa Barbara, is going on beach hikes!  Sure, we like to set up at the beach with our towels and lay in the sun and relax, but we really enjoy taking long walks and exploring the coast line.

Our most frequented beach in Santa Barbara/Goleta is Ellwood Beach, which you can access by walking through the Santa Barbara Shores County Park and Sperling Preserve, in Goleta.  It's the most beautiful walk, first through a eucalyptus grove and butterfly preserve (butterflies visit November-March), then across the native grassland bluffs, to the ocean.  

You'll be gifted with amazing 180 degree views of the Pacific Ocean with the Channel Islands in the distance.  Pat and I have gone a few times and seen pods of dolphins leaping and feeding. I also love going around dusk to watch the pelicans dive for their dinners.

This adventure of ours on Saturday included rabbit and butterfly spottings, checking out these awesome beach huts, and a four mile round trip hike.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Santa Barbara Farmer's Market

Yesterday being Tuesday, it was the best day of the week for produce shopping in Santa Barbara: the downtown Farmer's Market!  We are so lucky to have many local farmers who bring their produce to market every day of the week in our area (here is the schedule).  We even have organic grass fed meat, baked goods, hand made cheese, and honey vendors at our markets.

It was a little overcast and getting chilly as I got to the farmer's market, but nothing could keep me from exploring the stands once I saw the sights.
Beans and beets for days!
Gorgeous Ranunculuses! (Yes that's the plural of Ranunculus, lol, I had to look it up!)